Drupal 8 Forms and TDD, part 1: file validation

  • Drupal 8
  • Automated Testing
  • Wisdom
  • PHP

Traditionally, testing Drupal forms has mainly consisted of testing the form through the UI using functional tests. However, with the revamp of the Forms API to a fully OO paradigm, using unit tests has now become much easier.

Using TDD when writing a form requires us to think a little bit differently about our code, compared to a more traditional approach. In this example, I'll consider a form with 3 particularities :

  • a CSV file upload with a custom validation callback
  • a field that only appears for users with a certain permission
  • a text field with a format validation

Furthermore, upon submission, we will parse the CSV file and create new entities. I'll treat this as a series of posts. In this first post, we'll look how to get set up, and how to use TDD when writing a custom file validation callback.


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