Why not forget all our passwords completely ?

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The Heartbleed bug has prompted thousands of people (including me) to reset all their (important) passwords.

I got 1Password, changed my most important passwords, revoked all SSH keys for my servers and GIT repos... A tremendous pain. And, probably, a total waste of time.

We already have the best access manager possible

Yes, access manager, not password manager.


I blogged about this last week. I love email. There are so many ways we can use email.

Most services provide one-time password resets, sent to your email, which allow us to easily log in. This is a secure and easy way to access the service.

Usually, these then prompt you for a new password. This is great: you can just provide a super-strong, random password* you forget as soon as you entered it, and use the service. This is very powerful, because it means you can provide very strong passwords, and that these passwords change very often, limiting the risks even more.

Not all services will easily allow us to use this “paradigm”, but many do. Obviously, this makes our email very, very important. You'd better come up with a very complex password for your email, and change it regularly as well.

This is much easier to use/implement than two factor authentication, yet almost as secure.

What do you think? Can we just rely on our email?

* You can use online, random password generators. Remember that many services still use hash-mechanisms for which lookup tables exist. Get as long a password as possible. Some (idiotic) services set a maximum length for passwords, but if that's not the case, go berserk. I like +20 characters in my passwords, but now use at least 30. You're never too safe.

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