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The new video from is absolutely brilliant. It expresses something I have always trouble explaining to others.

That programming is about creativity and fun.

I've always considered myself as a creative kind of person. Not particularly gifted, but I always loved to create things, build stuff.

I studied graphic and multimedia design. I remember very clearly, in the first week, being excited by just about every class I was to have for the next 3 years. Except one: introduction to programming (this was a very basic introduction to PHP).

I literally imagined we had to write series of 0s and 1s on a black screen. How far I was from the truth.

Now, almost 8 years later, I believe I have the best job in the world. I hardly do visual design any more these days, but I don't mind. I have found another medium to express my creativity.

Relatives don't usually get that. They imagine programmers like rigid-minded, socially handicapped people, who live for the sake of machines and are anything but creative. They don't understand how I got into this business. And why I love it.

But the video from shows what kind of people we are. That we're usually smart, social and, above else, very creative people.

We are programmers. We are the new creatives. And we're loving every aspect of it.

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