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Ok, so there's this discussion going around about whether or not one should/can use semicolons in Javascript.

As usual, passionate debates trigger passionate blog posts, which in turn trigger passionate comments, which in turn trigger bloody vendettas between factions of developers.

And that's all fine ! I mean, that's what we geeks are all about, right ?

But, I'd thought I just throw some more oil on the fire.

I like semicolons; I even use them in my day to day copy writing (slipped one in, right there).

For code, I feel like it cleanly marks the end of a statement, or “sentence”.

You see, I live in a french speaking country. And there's this really annoying trend going on between “youngsters” (from the age of 12 to 40-ish, all morons), who tend to disregard punctuation.

Like when you have this uberlong story you want to write or just a simple comment on a blog and don't use periods commas or even line breaks to separate ideas or thoughts it's like talking in one super long breath this is super annoying and is just stressing to read because your brain doesn't let you stop for a “mental breath” doesn't it feel tiring reading this chunk of text I think it does it's even extenuating to write I don't get how those idiots can stand it

I hate this. And when reading code with no semicolons, I sometimes get this same feeling. My brain won't stop for a “mental breath”, won't pause. I need to pro-actively tell him: “This is a new line. It's the start of a new sentence. Take a breath, easy now. And on we go...”

So, for what it's worth, that's why I use semicolons. Sue me.

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