What's the best CSS grid out there ?

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Just my 2 cents...

What a CSS Grid should not do

  • It should never, ever have any impact on design. No font styles, sizes, no line heights, no CSS resets, no fancy button styles, nothing.
  • It should not depend on JS ! Ever !
  • It should not provide anything else than a grid (be it responsive, fluid or fixed).

What a CSS Grid should do

  • It should be lightweight. We don't want to add bloat to our designs.
  • It should be simple and intuitive. No smarty-pants classes. And by the way, adding a last CSS class to a column is perfectly OK. It prevents us from having to use JS for CSS3 specific selectors (like :last-child).
  • It should be easily extendable, if needed.
  • It could, optionnaly, provide helper classes like hide-on-phone or show-on-tablet, etc.
  • Responsive media queries would be great, if only as a starting point.

So, having trouble finding a CSS grid ?

I feel bad for you son. I have 1140 problems, but finding a lightweight, no-fuss, CSS grid ain't one of them.

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