About me

I'm a “full-stack” web developer. As such, I have had the privilege of working on several great and challenging products. I do both front-end and the back-end development, although I've been much more active on the front-end side of things in the past few years.

I studied interaction design, and as such am very picky when it comes to UX and beautiful UIs. But I've dipped my toes in many areas. I've been a system administrator for a few years (LPIC-1 certified, if certifications are your thing). I've done quite some DevOps (lots of Docker and CI/CD pipelines; I now hate Jenkins with a passion). I've managed small teams. But I always cycle back to what I love most: programming and Open Source.

I used to work a lot with Drupal, and am the author of several modules on www.drupal.org. I love my job. Developing has become a passion and I enjoy (almost) every day I spend on the job.

Except coding and crafting intuitive UIs, I thoroughly enjoy reading.

Other than that, I like the classic, boring, I've-read-that-before-stuff, like movies, music, spending time with my family and friends, etc.

Even though I'm mainly a front-end developer, I try out many different languages and try to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. At the time of writing, I'm digging into Elm.

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