About me

I'm a dutch guy, married to a beautiful french woman and living in Switzerland, in the old and gorgeous city of Fribourg, which also has the particularity of having two official languages (French and German), despite being a city of only ~30'000.

Talk about a cultural mixup...


I'm a “full-stack” web developer. As such, I have had the privilege of working on several great and challenging products. I do both front-end and the back-end development, although I consider myself more of a front-end specialist.

I studied interaction design, and as such am very picky when it comes to UX and beatiful UIs.

I work a lot with Drupal, and am the author of several modules on www.drupal.org.

I love my job. Developing has become a passion and I enjoy (almost) every day I spend on the job.

Except coding and crafting intuitive UIs, I thoroughly enjoy reading.

Other than that, I like the classic, boring, I've-read-that-before-stuff, like movies, music, spending time with my family and friends, etc.

Eventhough I'm mainly a front-end developer, I try out many different languages and try to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. At the time of writing, I'm digging into Haskell.

Other than Javascript code, HTML markup and CSS styles, a large portion of my time goes into PHP and Drupal code.

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